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We specialize in working with people who have properties

scheduled to go to auction.

We have helped 97 property owners in Florida this year. Whether you intend to keep your property, sell, or let it go to auction below we provide information you don't want to be without.



Did You Know...

Property owners that allow their property to go to auction lose up to 40%-100% of the money they could have put in their pocket working with a cash buyer.


  • Our ability to purchase property in as few as 3-5 days prior to auction for cash, preventing you from losing money

  • Our “Done for you" hassle-free process (we don't require you to do ANY task we're capable of doing to purchase your property)

  • Experience in handling the most difficult circumstances involving the property (ex.liens, probate, etc.)

  • 25 years of collective experience helping people get the most money from their property prior to losing it to auction



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Steve R. (Port Charlotte, FL)

I was amazed at how fast IFDG was able to close on my property. I didn’t think we would have enough time to get it done before going to auction but they made it happen. Thank you guys!



  • What is the minimum time needed to purchase a property?
    There are multiple factors that play a role in this, we've closed on property in as little as three days. Please contact us so we can further discuss the property at hand.
  • I no longer want your company to contact me. How can I be removed from your list of people to contact?
    Please visit our contact page and in subject line on the form please add "contact removal" and in the message add your name & phone number you want removed. You can also text us at 866-455-3155 and ask for your number to be removed.
  • What areas do you guys currently purchase land in?
    We are currently purchasing land in all of our service areas: Florida, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina (Select Cities In): Colorado, Ohio, & Kentucky. Please contact us for further details.
  • Does your company purchase land that needs to go through probate?
    Under Construction....
  • How do I know whether my property needs to go through probate?
    Under Construction....
  • Who does your company use for probate services?
    Under Construction....
  • How much does your company charge to take the property through the probate process?
    Our probate services are free up to $2500
  • Is it possible for the probate process to take longer than I initially am told by the county, an attorney, etc.?
    Under Construction....
  • What agreement does your company have me sign when I’m ready to sell?
    We use the standard vacant land purchase and sale agreement within the state the property is located in.
  • Why do you put "To Be Determined/TBD Within 5 Business Days" on the Agreement under title company information?
    We do this because within our process we send the agreement to several title companies we work with to secure the best bid. Getting the best bid helps enable us to offer the multiple benefits found on our "Why sell with us" page
  • Why does your company need up to 30-45 days for a feasibility study?
    Under construction...
  • What happens if my property has endangered species located on it?
    Under construction...
  • Does your company work with owners who are overseas or live abroad?
    Yes we have experience working with sellers who live outside of the US. Please contact us to discuss further details.
  • Does your company buy properties scheduled to go to tax auction?
    Yes, we specialize in purchasing these properties. Please see our Tax Auction Scheduled property page here to learn more.



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Experience matters. Learn more about our story and the team that makes it happen.

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